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Absolut Launches Pre-Bottled Cocktails: Vodka Mojito And Raspberry Lemonade

Absolut Cocktails Vodka Mojito Raspberry Lemonade

Absolut has made its first step into the ready-to-serve cocktails world with the launch of a Vodka Mojito and a Raspberry Lemonade.

Absolut is entering the ready-to-serve market with the launch of its new Absolut Cocktails line, featuring Vodka Mojito and Raspberry Lemonade pre-bottled pours. The new addition sees the Swedish brand stepping into a new space.

“With prepared cocktails as the fastest growing spirits category, trending to overtake wine and spirits this year, we’re excited for Absolut to officially enter into the Ready-to-Serve space,” said Reshma Dhati, Senior Brand Director of Marketing, Absolut. “We’re giving time back with family and friends, without sacrificing on the bar-quality cocktails that Absolut is known for.”

While performing consumer research, Absolut saw strong performance with Raspberry Lemonade and Vodka Mojito cocktails. In the flavored vodka space, Vodka Lemonades are performing well in the market and a signature cocktail that the brand is mixed with.

These classic beloved RTS cocktails (both with 15% ABV) have a light and sweet twist and offer a convenient multi-serve format (5 servings per bottle) that’s great for sharing or enjoying at home – on the rocks or chilled neat. More on the flavor profiles:

● The Vodka Mojito Cocktail combines Absolut vodka with natural lime and mint flavors and simple syrup. The brand recommends garnishisg with mint.

● The Raspberry Lemonade Cocktail combines Absolut vodka with natural raspberry and lemon flavors and simple syrup. They recommend garnishing with

raspberries and lemon wedge.

Absolut Cocktails are available for an SRP of $18.99 per 750ml bottle at select retailers nationwide. To learn more, head over to the brand’s official website.

Last month, Absolut Hunni was launched in the UK, offering drinkers an alternative to a field filled with fruit-led options.