A Private Equity Firm Has Launched A Tequila To Offset Airplane Carbon Emissions

A Private Equity Firm Has Launched A Tequila To Offset Airplane Carbon Emissions AERO

Aviation-focused private equity sponsor AVi8 Air Capital has launched AERO Spirits and its first product,  AERO Tequila. AERO Spirits has partnered with Mexico-based Casa Tequilera to bring this new and exciting tequila brand to market.

Helping in the battle to reverse the effects of climate change is a primary focus of AERO Spirits. Tequila is distilled from the agave plant, which plays a critical role in helping clean the atmosphere of CO2. For every 15 acres of agave plants, the carbon footprint of one large commercial airplane can be offset each year. As a result, AERO is poised to become an increasingly important element in the carbon offset programs implemented by airlines worldwide — and eventually by cruise lines and other modes of public transportation.

“We are proud to launch AERO Tequila with our partners at CASA, who produce some of the finest tequila and bring decades of experience growing and distilling agave into world-class tequila brands,” said Ed Wegel, founder and chairman of AERO Spirits. “Together, we bring AERO to the world’s leading airline companies as an effective way for them to offset their carbon footprint. Major airlines will be buying land in Mexico and contracting with AERO® to grow agave and blend their own special versions of AERO Tequila.”

The bottle design was inspired by vintage containers used during the golden age of air travel and created by branding and advertising agency ZiNG!, which has been involved with the creation of other spirits, including Lunazul and LaCerteza tequilas.

In addition to supporting carbon offsetting, the partnership between AERO Spirits, Inc. and CASA will also provide an increasing number of job opportunities in Mexico as more land is developed by airlines for agave production.

AERO Spirits and its airline partners will sell AERO on aircraft and in duty-free stores worldwide. It is expected to be available in select venues in Miami by the end of 2022.

A portion of the net proceeds from the sale of AERO will benefit the Amelia Earhart Museum, the Eddie Rickenbacker Home and Museum, and the National Air and Space Museum.

For more information about this seemingly really good idea, head over to AERO Tequila’s official website.