10 Canned Cocktails to Level Up Your Beach Days

canned cocktails

When it’s time to hit the sun and sand, there’s no time for jigger, beaker, and flask. Luckily, these guys have already done the work for you. Much better than your average ready-made, any of these 10 are sure to make your summer days even better. Ditch your usual tall can and slip one of these crafted cocktails into your koozie. Trust us.

Mezzo Spritz – Say bye, bye to that Summertime Sadness™ and get that bright Aperol kick straight from a can

J. Riley Distillery California Mule – Who wants to go to Moscow when you’ve got California Whiskey plus Cock-N-Bull’s iconic ginger beer? Plus the copper-colored can is the perfect stand-in for your Mule’s usual mug

Boulevard Brewery Co. Fling Mai Tai – Turn the shore into a tike bar with this flirty fruit and rum combo housed in an utterly Instagramable package

Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha – A to-go version of Brazil’s signature cocktail. You have three flavors to take your pick from, but we’re partial to the Passionfruit/Lime. Her

Martini Rossi Frosé – So it’s a pouch, not a can. Sue me. Still the same pretty pink mess-maker you adore

Cutwater Spirit’s Spicy Bloody Mary – Impressively spicy and strong. (Honorable mention Cutwater’s Tequila Margarita)

Interboro Hibiscus Gin & Tonic – Flower power happy hour from this boutique NYC brewery

Cape Line Sparkling Cocktail – Get a 12 pack and prove sharing is caring with this crowd-pleaser

Southern Tier Vodka Madras – An award-winning combo of vodka cranberry, cardamom, chamomile and citrus, this Southern charmer is juicy, sweet and savory all at the same time

Kahlua Espresso Martini – Keep the party going with a foamy triple threat of caffeine, booze, and sugar. Don’t blame us for the hangover though

Just like that, you’re beach royalty. And though we can’t do anything for that sunburn (SPF kids, c’mon), a leftover one of these bad boys is already primed to take the edge off. Cheers, beaches.